Exhibits, Trips and all that Fun!

The first thing I did for this year was host/facilitate my first Adhoc sketchwalk. I was a bit anxious about the turn out but needless to say, I had a pretty great time. We set up around the Carillion in UP Diliman and spent the morning sketching the scenery there.

I had back-to-back sketchwalks that weekend, I also spent my Sunday sketching around Manila – we went to the Post Office and San Sebastian Church. It was challenging as we were exposed to so many elements – incoming traffic, smoke, dirt, prying bystanders etc. But it really gave me a great sense of what Urban Sketching is all about and made me more aware and vigilant of my surroundings and all the events that are happening around me all at once.

Our group, Urban Sketchers Philippines, also had our first exhibit for the year. I submitted my sketch of the Carillion and a few people sketches. The turn out for the exhibit was overwhelming. We had more submissions this year and it was then that I noticed how our group really grew from last year (I haven’t been with the group that long but our numbers have grown 3x over than last year).

February came in sweet this year as my works were featured in a magazine – The Philippines Yearbook 2016: Urban Pulse. Yeay! Here are the works that I have submitted for the magazine.

Another highlight in February is the Chinese New Year where we sketched around Binondo area. There was a constant flood of people, food and music, a joyful and colorful chaos.

Also in February was ELBIKON! We had another great run at Elbikon. Sales was good! And I was happy to see familiar faces, those who have always supported our group, The Cabinet, since its inception. Thank you for dropping by our booth and chatting with us. See you again next time!

The months went by so quickly and then it was already March! So much has already happened. I think that’s it for now! More stories on my next post. 🙂

PS. I also met one of my favorite Filipino musicians Mr. Joey Ayala but I wasn’t able to bring my sketching paraphernalia so I sketched him using chocolate syrup. 🙂




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